Trinidad and Tobago to Procure AW139 Helicopters

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago has signed a contract to purchase four AW139 medium twin-turbine helicopters from Augusta Westland.

Trinidad and Tobago's Air Guard will set up the nation's first search and rescue helicopter unit to use the helicopters for search and rescue, surface surveillance, law enforcement, drug interdiction and disaster relief operations.

The $348m contract includes training and logistical support services for the first five years.

The multi-role AW139 can fly up to 573nm at a maximum cruise speed of 165kt and is capable of enduring missions that last over five hours.

The AW139 programme will be managed by a consortium of AgustaWestland, Bristow Caribbean, FB Heliservices and Helidex.

The helicopters will primarily operate from Piarco International Airport and from offshore patrol vessels, working alongside the coast guard.