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SELGA-COAT® CHROME: An Alternative to Conventional Chrome Plating

AHC Oberflächentechnik

In nearly all areas of the automotive industry and mechanical engineering, technical hard chrome layers are applied to impart components with a property profile for their intended use, including hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, tribological properties, as well as thermal and chemical resistance.

For over ten years, AHC Surface Technology SAS in Faulquemont, France, has possessed extensive experience with partial hard anodization of aluminium alloys /2/. Therefore it was an obvious decision to transfer the gathered experience and technical data to process for the selective high-speed plating of hard chrome.

The starting point was the realisation of functional hard chrome plating on shock absorber tubes (surface 8-10 dm²) for the automotive industry, with a required layer thickness of 20-25 µm. This SELGA-COAT® CHROME process is named after the proved process for selective hard anodization of aluminium alloys (SELGA-COAT®).

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