World Class Aviation Academy

Aircraft Maintenance Training Courses

Driven by our passion for aviation and education, we take care of your training needs by providing custom made maintenance training.

The World Class Aviation Academy is a Dutch company that offers tailor-made technology courses in aircraft maintenance, intended for professionals in the aviation industry. We provide basic training, specific type training (e.g. F-16) and aviation related courses (e.g. human factors). All training content is determined by consulting with our customers in order to ensure that the courses exactly match their requirements. We work together with commercial parties and the vocational education sector to keep the quality of training at a high level. As a consequence of this collaboration, the World Class Aviation Academy is a unique concept in the aviation world.

Basic training for aviation maintenance

Together with the Aircraft Maintenance & Training School (AM&TS), we form the Aviation Training Group. The AM&TS provides basic training that is certified by EASA part-66 and part-147. The training is intended for young students starting their careers in aviation maintenance. Because of this collaboration, we are able to provide basic training for our customers as well.

Type training for specific aircraft

Our F-16 type training is military aircraft maintenance training that conforms to the Dutch military standard.

The training consists of the following modules:

  • Line maintenance: about daily checks and minor repairs
  • System maintenance: about base maintenance, phase inspection, hydraulic and fuel shop
  • Weapon technician: about maintaining, loading, unloading and testing weapons
  • EGRESS: about the emergency global rescue, escape and survival system
  • Avionics A: about maintaining and testing the electrical system in base maintenance
  • Avionics B: about maintaining and testing the avionics system in base maintenance
  • Engines mechanics: about maintaining the F100-PW 200 type engines in base maintenance
  • Flight safety equipment: about maintaining the F-16 flight safety equipment in base maintenance
  • Maintenance officers: about different F-16 systems and how to instruct their operation

Together with Boeing, we are also working on a complete training program for the Chinook.

Aviation-related courses for the aerospace industry

English is the first language of the world as well as the common language of the aviation industry. This is the reason that all our courses are in English. To ensure that your students get as much as possible from their training, we provide tailored courses in technical aviation English.

Many accidents and incidents in aviation are due to human errors and shortcomings. To be as alert as possible to such factors and to prevent human errors as much as possible, we developed the human factors course.

Human factors training courses

We are able to offer a broad range of human factors training courses, varying from an EASA certified part 66 and part 147 program (Module 9: Human Factors) to tailor made and company specified human factor training courses. We provide the EASA certified program in cooperation with our partner AM&TS.

Aerospace safety, health, and environment training

Our safety, health, and environment (SHE) training mainly focuses on: personnel safety (personal protective equipment), company safety, unsafe situations, accidents and incidents, risk analysis of specified tasks, reports and findings, health & safety instruction procedures and processes, social security requirements, employment regulations and site requirements. Additionally a focus is made on the rights and duties of individual employees. The course content is tailored to the situations and needs of our customers.

Root cause analysis training courses

Root cause analysis (RCA) training is aimed to reduce the number of non-conformities within internal (production) processes, as mainly discovered by customers. The tailored training contains methods to improve the way non-conformities are managed in order to reduce their impact.

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