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Lufthansa Flight Training - Training for Cockpit and Cabin Crews

Lufthansa Flight Training has been in business for 50 years and is one of the world's leading providers of advanced and in-service training for cockpit and cabin crews, providing a range of services including pilot training, emergency training, human-factors training, cabin-service training, computer-based training and full-flight simulator lease.

Flight training for pilots and flight attendants

Our product portfolio encompasses a full spectrum of basic training for pilots and flight attendants, including a wide range of training offers on flight simulators, emergency, human factors and service training, as well as an extensive catalogue of e-learning solutions. These services and products are designed to optimise the training procedures of our customers and to provide them with excellently trained flight crews.

We are actively involved in innovating new technologies such as the Virtual Slide and A380 cabin emergency and evacuation trainer.

Pilot training

Our pilot training includes instruction in the areas of:

  • Dry-lease training
  • Wet-lease training
  • CCQ / difference training
  • Type ratings
  • Recurrent training
  • All-weather operation training
  • Low visibility operations
  • ETOPS training
  • Multi-crew co-operation

Emergency training for cockpit and cabin crews

We have a range of emergency training for cockpit and cabin crews, including:

  • Full motion simulators
  • Virtual slide
  • Real fire-fighting training
  • Pilot-incapacitation training
  • Sea-survival pool
  • Safety and emergency procedure training
  • First-aid training
  • Training for rescue and safety trainers

Human-factors training for cockpit and cabin crews

Lufthansa Flight Training's human-factors training for cockpit and cabin crews includes:

  • Crew resource-management training
  • Type rating instruction/examination
  • Assessment of crew resource-management skills
  • Security training
  • Course for pilots in command, under supervision
  • Line-orientated flight training (Video-LOFT)
  • Presentation and teaching techniques

Service training for cockpit and cabin crews

The company's service training for cockpit and cabin crews includes:

  • Basic service training
  • Advanced service training
  • Intercultural training
  • Language training

Computer-based training for cockpit and cabin crews

A variety of computer-based training for cockpit and cabin crews is also offered by Lufthansa Flight Training, including:

  • Basic cockpit training
  • Advanced cockpit training
  • Area qualification
  • Airport familiarisation
  • Ground-personnel training
  • Cabin training

Full-flight cockpit simulators

Our 35 full-flight cockpit simulators in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Zurich, as well as seven emergency simulators and other training devices (for example the IPT 747-8), mean that Lufthansa Flight Training possesses the necessary facilities to ensure excellence.

JAA and EASA-accredited flight training

Lufthansa Flight Training is a fully licensed flight training organisation / type rating training organisation in accordance with JAA and EASA.

As a wholly-owned Lufthansa subsidiary, we have been active as an independent enterprise in the global aviation market since 1997.

Today, our customers include over 150 airlines from around the world. In addition, Lufthansa Flight Training's extensive expertise is also a source of knowledge to many organisations in other industries.

Contact Details

Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH
D-60549 Frankfurt/Main
Tel: +49 69 696 72444
Fax: +49 69 696 91441

Lufthansa Flight Training is based in Frankfurt: our training centre is situated next to Frankfurt Main Airport and provides an entire range of training facilities under one roof.
Our 35 different simulators, five locations and broad range of effective training programmes make Lufthansa Flight Training the ideal partner for all your pilot training requirements.
We help your pilots to achieve their full potential: reliability levels at 99.8% mean that Lufthansa Flight Training offers premium quality that is both flexible and dependable.
Our instructors are among the most experienced in the industry: on average, each of our 140 instructors has around 14,000hr of professional flying experience.
Your cockpit and cabin crews will learn to master emergency situations by practicing emergency procedures and strategies in an authentic environment and under real-world conditions.
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