Basair Aviation College

Flying School for Commercial Pilot Licences

Basair Aviation College is a flying school that specialises in commercial pilot licences (CPL), multi-engine endorsements, command instrument ratings and ATPLs. We can also provide airlines with airline cadet programmes, and we have a track record of graduating students to CPL standard within 42 weeks.

CASA-approved flying school and instructors

Basair is the largest flying school in Australia, with a fleet of over 50 aircraft and more than 40 instructors. We teach to a very high standard, and have pass rates higher than CASA industry averages.

Operations commenced in 1991 and the company has grown to have bases in Bankstown Airport and Cessnock Airport, both close to Sydney, Australia. The college flies approximately 4,000hr each month and almost 50,000hr each year. It has built a reputation for excellence, and over 4,500 customers have chosen to fly with Basair.

CRICOS-approved flight training school

The college is a registered training organisation (RTO) with CRICOS approval, and approximately half our customers are international students on sponsored student visas. We have tailored programmes for students from different countries, to ensure they meet their local requirements while studying for an Australian CPL.

Aviation diplomas and advanced diplomas

Basair Aviation College also awards diplomas and advanced diplomas in aviation.

Competency-based flight training

Basair is distinctive in the quality of its training, attracting the best instructors and utilising a competency-based training curriculum that ensures students learn all of the content for a CPL in the most efficient way.

All instructors either have, or are working towards, formal teaching qualifications. They are also working towards CASA flight instructor ratings, which ensures that they are not only excellent pilots, but also great teachers.

About Basair

From the commencement of operations our company philosophy has been that of uncompromising training and safety standards. Customer focus has been a vital part of the way the company operates. This has been recognised, with Basair winning the 2005 and 2006 Business Award for best aviation business in the region, along with the 2006 Best Business Award for the best business in all categories.

Furthermore, Australia is one of the best countries in the world for students to come and learn to fly. The weather is excellent, resulting in students progressing swiftly through their study, and CASA also regulates the airspace to a very high safety standard. Additionally, Sydney offers a great destination for students, with beautiful beaches and a cosmopolitan population.

Contact Details

Basair Australia (Pty) Ltd
628/23-25 Airport Avenue
Bankstown Airport
NSW 2200
New South Wales
+61 2 9791 0111