Current Analysis IT Connection

Analysis of IT Equipment for the Aerospace Industry

Current Analysis IT Connection provides an independent source of analysis during the IT or telecom service purchasing process for the aerospace industry.

Analysis and assessments for the aerospace industry

IT Connection offers investigations for business networks, including cloud security, content delivery networks, data centre, ethernet and global remote access services.

The organisation supplies telephony, an instant payment notification virtual private network (IPN VPN), service provider mobility and on-demand application offerings.

Assessments from IT Connection will allow users to easily and efficiently evaluate suppliers and determine the best technology solution to fit their needs.

When you sign up for IT Connection you will receive access to all available reports. IT Connection includes:

  • Over 200 product assessments, each updated within the last six months
  • More than 100 supplier assessments, each updated within the last four months
  • 40 to 60 real-time analysis reports written every month

That means you will have access to more than 400 reports at any given time, which you can use to create a side-by-side product or supplier comparison based on the metrics of your choice.

Objective reports and accurate research

Current Analysis IT Connection reports are based on objective, unbiased research and the company's analysts conform to the highest levels of integrity and ethics.

Aerospace companies rely on objective, independent and accurate research that analysts at Current Analysis provides.

The firm is in a unique position of supplying intelligence and analysis that is often used as a source of intelligence by vendors.

About Current Analysis IT Connection

Current Analysis provides real-time intelligence of breaking industry events and assessments of influential products and companies for the telecommunications, networking and business software industries.

The organisation enables companies to make better business decisions based on an objective understanding of the products and companies in a particular sector.

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