Titanium Investment Castings, Aluminium Investment Castings, HERO Premium Casting® and Rapid Prototyping

TITAL is a leading company for titanium and aluminium alloy investment castings, located in Germany. Using the patented HERO Premium Casting® process, TITAL delivers lightweight, high-strength investment castings that can be supplied "ready-for-integration" and enable significant cost savings and many other benefits to the customer.

The main applications are within the following industries: aerospace, defence, electronics, optical, med-tech, Formula One and mechanical and civil engineering.

All processes are approved by PRI NADCAP and AS 9100. Quality testing is carried out according to all standard specifications. The castings are subjected to radioscopic, X-ray metallurgical and UV-penetrant examinations to detect any interior or exterior defects.

TITAL's quality assurance manual fulfils the requirements of the German Association of Aerospace Industries and NADCAP. TITAL has a strong research and development ability for leading / future applications.

Investment castings ready for integration

Most castings are supplied 'ready-for-integration', avoiding costly and time-consuming handling and machining operations by the customer.

The integration of many design elements in one casting results in potential cost savings for the customer.


TITAL provides advisory support in part design and material selection, and assures close contact between the customer and TITAL throughout the entire process (i.e. concurrent engineering). Regular workshops for customer designers are held at TITAL site's in order to optimise design-to-cost activities.

Hero Premium Investment Casting (aluminium)

The HERO Premium Casting® process combines an innovative, intelligent and robust process technology with a high reproducibility of aluminium investment castings. The results are lightweight, high-strength, complex castings which meet the design requirements of tomorrow.

TITAL has been certified by Airbus as the only investment casting company worldwide to cast critical parts with casting factor (CF) 1.0 in accordance with FAR-AC-25.621.

The patented HERO Premium Casting process differs from traditional casting processes through controlled computer-assisted solidification of the component. The advantages of this investment casting process include cost savings, excellent material soundness, process automation, high mechanical properties and a reduced risk of defects. Further advantages include:

  • Lower weight through casting factor 1.0
  • Thin wall thicknesses (up to 1.5mm, locally down to 1mm)
  • Complex geometry of castings (back drafts)
  • Reproducibility and dimensional accuracy
  • Full process control along the complete value chain (SAP)
  • Fully machined and surface treated; ready for integration
  • Reliable preventive quality assurance
  • Reduction in time and cost of testing
  • Component size for aluminium parts, diameter approximately 1,800mm x 1,800mm x 600mm
  • Weight: up to 80kg
  • Alloys, e.g. A357, A356

Vacuum investment casting process (titanium)

  • Cold moulds lead to faster solidification and higher mechanical properties
  • Argon atmosphere for less a-Case
  • Complex geometry of castings (back drafts)
  • High mechanical properties
  • Excellent material soundness
  • Reproducibility and dimensional accuracy
  • Component size for titanium parts, diameter approximately 1,000mm x 1,000mm x 600mm
  • Alloys: TiAl6V4, Ti6242
  • Weight: up to 300kg

Rapid prototyping in titanium and aluminium investment casting

Investment castings on the basis of rapid prototyping models cut development lead-time and provide flexibility at the customers' R&D department. The advantages are:

  • Same mechanical properties as serial production
  • Separate production line for short delivery times
  • Saving of development costs
  • High flexibility
  • Nearly same dimensional properties as serial production


TITAL supplies industry leading companies around the world in the field of aerospace, defense, motor sport and industrial systems with sophisticated aluminium and titanium investment casting products using the lost wax process.

TITAL was founded in 1974 and in 2006 the management took over the company. Today the company employs more than 500 people with 2011 revenue of €53M.

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59909 Bestwig
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TITAL: Company Brochure 28 November 2014 We are an industry leader in the manufacture of titanium and aluminium investment casting products.