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Aerospace Project Consultation and Support Services

Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants was established by space industry professionals with the objective of space business and space segment users globally with a special understanding of the Asia Pacific Region.

Our consultants and staff share experience across a wide range of space-related disciplines from satellite and ground station engineering to insurance, management and market analysis.

We offer extensive experience over a combined working period of more than fifty years working at senior management and government levels with space business in Asia and around the world.

APAC provides the range of services that space companies need, whether they are start-ups, expanding concerns or global space industry leaders.

Space industry project collaboration and introduction services

APAC has many years experience working with space industry clients from around the world to identify and approach potential commercial partners in Asia or elsewhere. This includes advising on negotiations, assisting with understanding cultural and business attitudes, identifying factors necessary for negotiation success, and recommending actions to ensure any encountered problems are satisfactorily addressed.

Our success extends to the introduction of clients to new users of their space technology, or bringing companies with symbiotic technologies together, in joint venture or other partnering arrangements.

Our wide experience includes assisting space related service companies or space providers to establish new operations in Asian countries by introducing them to relevant government agencies or departments in order to assist with planning and licence applications.

We also assist with the planning and execution of mergers and acquisitions.

Space and satellite programme valuation

The value of any satellite is impacted by a number of inter-related issues and complex technologies. APAC has particular experience valuing GEO satellites and extends that experience to the valuation of whole fleets.

Space programme risk management and insurance

APAC has assisted launch providers, satellite owners / operators, and start up space companies to develop appropriate risk management guidelines and policies. We have many years experience in satellite and launch insurance and the development and placement of insurance products specifically designed for the launch and satellite market.

We can analyse your risk management procedures and your insurance cover and recommend informed changes where necessary. We can take the uncertainty out of dealing with insurance brokers, and can help to select the best broker or best insurance product for your space business. If you are bringing a new launch vehicle, new satellite or new space product onto the market, we can assist in the design and presentation of briefings for the insurance market to ensure that you get the best rates from the best insurers.

Space segment consultation

Large scale projects, such as telecommunication or internet based services, sometimes require a space segment to the business to ensure best delivery and a competitive advantage. This may involve something as simple as identifying the best satellite operator to provide transponders, to something as complex as installing a ground station, or building a satellite and launching it successfully, with TT & C considerations and gateway ground-stations included in the project.

APAC can assist in the planning and integration of your space segment needs no matter the level of complexity.

Government advice and consultation for space programmes

APAC provides advice to governments on a range of space related issues. APAC has provided submissions on space related legislation. We provide advice on the best space based applications available to address civil or social needs. We assist Governments develop strategies to attract space industry investment in their region and introduce space industry participants to governments to assist in development of those investment strategies.

Bid advice

Often the only difference between winning a bid and not is how well you know and understand the organisation requesting the bids and your bid competitors. We assist launch providers, satellite providers, sub contractors and space service providers to develop and submit bids.

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APAC Report on Australian Space Capabilities 15 July 2016 Since the early days of the space age Australia has been an active participant in space activities.