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Cobham develops and produces electrical sliprings for electrical bonding between moving and stationary joints. This range spans sliprings for the aerospace industry such as helicopter rotors, right up to those used for operations in space.

The Cobham slipring range includes both custom manufactured and standardised sliprings and is available for a range of applications and industries. It is also possible for Cobham to develop new applications and products such as swivel, microwave and hydraulic joints, and emitters and fibre-optics.

More than 25% of Cobham's staff is dedicated to working on the performance and reliability of sliprings. The company prides itself on its technical capabilities and its competence when developing and introducing new products to the aerospace market.

Sliprings for helicopters

Cobham produces light and compact sliprings to be used in helicopter tail rotors where they allow the transmission of data. The company can be depended on to produce lightweight sliprings while maintaining the safety and quality standards expected in the aerospace industry.

The company can also produce electrical de-icing versions of sliprings that are important to the pitch adjustment of tail rotor blades, as well as a high-density slipring, which produces power to fold blades and power navigation lights. Due to the extreme conditions that helicopter sliprings must withstand the choice of manufacturing process and materials is incredibly important.

Cobham sliprings come in a range of specifications including both standardised and customised design. The variation in voltage, frequency and current that the sliprings can handle allows Cobham products to be used in a range of applications.

Sliprings for the aeronautical industry

Cobham produces sliprings using varied technology to ensure that products can withstand difficult conditions and heavy vibrations.

Turret sliprings for armoured vehicles must be able to transmit high-power, high-frequency signals, while some of them also transmit ethernet data. This range of sliprings also includes products that can be used in weapon systems.

Radar sliprings

Due to the 24/7 nature of radar applications sliprings used in this industry require a long operational life. Cobham can ensure products will have a considerable lifetime and will require minimum maintenance. Cobham sliprings for radar units can last for up to 30 years.

Many of these slipsrings allow for the transmission of Ethernet, air and power. Cobham can produce sliprings with electromagnetic interference immunity if required.

Sliprings for space applications

As an approved supplier in sliprings for technology and configuration, Cobham supplies electrical sliprings for the space industry.

Sliprings used in space applications need to be extremely light-weight and made from carefully selected materials. Cobham uses the most up-to-date technology and a sterile environment to produce sliprings, which meet the often demanding space requirements.

About Cobham

Cobham has produced high-quality sliprings for the aerospace and defence industries since 1946.

Cobham is currently especially determined to produce high-quality electrical slipring products. The quality assurance department at Cobham, which benefits from specialised technical and human resources, is integral to this at every stage of production. The company is also compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN 9100 standards.

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