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Point of Use Ground Power: Lean, Mean and Green

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 by Power Systems International

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SD40 M

The SD40 M series mobile frequency converters from Power Systems International are designed to replace the traditional, noisy, air polluting diesel engine driven 400Hz GPUs with the latest design in solid state frequency converters.

The SD Series produces a high stability 400Hz output and can simply be plugged into the normal 50Hz or 60Hz mains power source. The product will accept a wide variation in input voltage and frequency and utilise the latest in IGBT power conversion PWM inverter switching technology to provide 400Hz power for all types of passenger aircraft, helicopters and military aircraft with an extremely flexible, cost effective, energy efficient 'point of use' aircraft ground power system for indoor and outdoor applications.

The users of the familiar, traditional diesel engine driven GPU's will recognise the obvious benefits of using an all electrical SD 40M GPU: no combustion smells, smoke, fumes, toxic emissions, air pollution, fuel storage / spillage / bills and no engine start battery or engine maintenance costs.

SD40 M advantages:

  • Little audible noise
  • No vibration
  • Maintenance inspection once a year
  • Simple fault diagnostics
  • Repairs can be made quickly by the user
  • No mechanical parts to wear out
  • 25 years design life
  • Isolation from external power disturbances
  • Can be handled by one person
  • Highly stable chassis mounted on large wheels
  • Towable up to 20kMPH
  • Large pneumatic tyred wheels
  • Tow-bar actuated parking brake
  • All weather IP54 high visibility enclosure
  • Stowage for input and output flexible cables

SD40 M optional features

  • Military class rugged construction
  • Ingress protection IP42 and IP54
  • Extended temperature range: from -20°C to 50°C
  • Dual output for connecting two cables and two aircraft connectors
  • Parallel load sharing configuration for multi-modules
  • Output contactor control interface from the aircraft connector
  • Aircraft interlock bypass circuits
  • No break power transfer to aircraft power circuit
  • Line drop compensation
  • Remote voltage sensing and control for long cable lengths
  • Mobile version on towable trolley or trailer
  • Horizontal style for mounting under passenger loading bridge
  • Secondary output of 28V DC, 600A for battery charging and helicopter engine starting