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Point of Use Power for Helicopters: Onboard Seadrill Drillships

Monday, April 23, 2012 by Power Systems International

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Power Systems International

Power Systems International has experienced a surge in enquiries from the offshore market for 400Hz 28VDC Combi-Converters. With installations onboard Seadrill Drillships, Power Systems International are pleased to announce their most recent installation with Seadrill's West Gemini.

The ground power systems are designed for helicopter engine starting and battery charging applications for outdoor 'point of use' installation on helipads, in plant rooms and on board drilling ships and off shore oil and gas platforms and cruise ships.

A military rugged duty converter is available for installation on naval vessels, maintenance hangars on aircraft carriers and on training simulators where a heavy-duty and reliable isolated DC power source is required.

This fixed power system is designed for connection to the normal 50Hz or 60Hz mains source and provides all types of helicopters and small aircraft with a 28V DC high stability and isolated power supply for critical duty loads and battery charging. As with the Seadrill installations, it can also be combined with a 400Hz frequency converter as a combi-converter for use with military aircraft in hard shelters, avionics repair workshops and simulators.

Please contact Power Systems International for informational about the benefits and optional features for the 400Hz 28VDC combi-converter.