Functional Coatings to Maximise Aviation Operational Efficiency

Oerlikon Metco enhances components with innovative coating solutions that improve performance and increase efficiency and reliability. We provide a comprehensive global manufacturing, distribution and service network catering to aerospace, power generation, automotive, oil and gas and other specialised markets. Read more

Functional coating solutions

To maximise aviation operational efficiency and safety, functional coatings play a vital role. Aviation customers benefit from a uniquely broad range of surface technologies, coating solutions, application equipment, materials, services and manufactured engine components. Read more

COATINGS FOR JET ENGINE COMPONENTS: The objective of a coating is to protect the underlying component and its surface or the mating part and its surface from mechanical, chemical or thermal degradation. We offer thermally-sprayed protective coatings that are applied in compressors, combustors and turbines. With the broadest line of thermal spray coating materials we meet the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry, fulfilling all specifications published by aircraft engine manufacturers. Read more

EXAMPLE: COATINGS FOR HOT SECTION COMPONENTS: Zirconia-based ceramic materials are used as the insulating layer in a thermal barrier coating (TBC) system for aero engine components subjected to excessive operating temperatures. Thermal barrier coatings allow engines to run at hotter gas temperatures while keeping the components much cooler. This results in increased fuel efficiency and greater component durability. Read more

EXAMPLE: COATINGS FOR CLEARANCE CONTROL / ABRADABLES: By being cuttable or abradable, clearance control coatings allow engines to operate with minimal clearances between rotating and stationary components. This pushes efficiency and fuel economy. Read more

COATINGS FOR AIRFRAME COMPONENTS: Our hard-face coatings deliver durable resistance against fretting, sliding and general surface wear and corrosion to airframe components, including actuators, flap tracks and landing gear. Read more

Coating services, products and capabilities

COATING SERVICES: Our coating services offer approved solutions for a broad range of industrial components. We operate well-equipped processing facilities for thermal spray, laser cladding, PVD, diamond-like carbon coatings and plasma heat treatment as well as pre-and post-machining operations, laboratory analysis and quality control. Read more

COATING MATERIALS: Oerlikon Metco manufactures powders and wires for thermal spray coating applications as well as materials for hardface welding, PTA, laser cladding, brazing and pack diffusion. Read more

COATING EQUIPMENT: Our coating systems and equipment for thermal spray and laser cladding are customised to meet the specific requirements of various industries. They consider important factors such as workpiece geometry, substrate material, desired surface properties and required production rate. Read more

TURBINE COMPONENTS: Oerlikon Metco is specialised in the manufacturing and machining of high-pressure compressor vane assemblies, honeycombs, braze foils and entire air seals components for aircraft engines. Read more

With our broad range of products and services and our global presence, Oerlikon Metco enables customers to extend component lifecycles, reduce downtime and increase productivity.

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Outstanding Thermal Protection for Turbine Engines 21 September 2015 Oerlikon Metco's new XCL TBC materials deliver outstanding performance in turbine engines with service temperatures that are 150 to 200°C (270 to 360°F) higher than conventional TBC materials.


Oerlikon Eldim Products and Services Brochure 17 April 2015 Forward-thinking OEMs develop strong partnerships with trusted suppliers to achieve the competitive advantage critical to their success. Oerlikon Eldim, an Oerlikon Metco Company, is such a supplier.


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Improved Anti-Fretting Solution for Titanium Alloys 16 April 2015 The configuration and fit of gas turbine compressor blade roots and disc slots is critical, designed to withstand the vibrations and high dynamic forces generated in service.


Thermal Protection for Turbine Engines 16 April 2015 Oerlikon Metco's new XCL TBC materials deliver outstanding performance in turbine engines with service temperatures that are 150 to 200 °C (270 to 360 °F) higher than conventional TBC materials.