Hi-Flight Aerospace

Aircraft Interior Painting and UK Distributor for HSH Aerospace Finishes

Hi-Flight Aerospace is the UK distributor for HSH Aerospace Finishes. The coatings are all waterborne and specifically designed for use in commercial aircraft interiors.

All products are made to be fast drying, durable and easy to apply. Practically any colour can be matched and the standard lead time is approximately five days from PO.

Top coats

Hi-Flight Aerospace supplies a wide variety of INTERPLAN paints, including top coats, primers and fillers, in addition to a range of cleaners and degreasers. The top coat range includes:

  • INTERPLAN 1065B - One-component, UV resistant, water reducible acrylic finish
  • INTERRPLAN 1083 - Two-component, waterborne polyurethane finish
  • INTERPLAN 1050 - One-component, highly flexible, aliphatic urethane-based finish designed for application on leather
  • INTERPLAN 1000 - One component, UV resistant, thermo-formable finish
  • INTERPLAN 650 - One component, scratch resistant, semi-gloss clear coat also available in pearlescent finishes


High-quality primer is an essential ingredient in any successful aircraft painting or refurbishment project. Hi-Flight Aerospace supplies the following INTERPLAN primers:

  • INTERPLAN 1200/1401 - Two component , waterborne, easy-sanding high build filler primer
  • INTERPLAN 750M - One component, chromate free, water reducible primer for metal
  • INTERPLAN 750PC - One component, chromate free, water reducible primer for plastics and composites
  • INTERPLAN 1025 - One component, flexible, waterborne aliphatic urethane-based sealer


Hi-Flight Aerospace can provide the right filler for your aircraft painting, finishing or refurbishment project. The range includes:

  • INTERPLAN 100SP - Basic one component fine filler
  • INTERPLAN 100SP fine - Small pin hole filler paste
  • INTERPLAN 100SQ - One component, high build easy-to-sand spray filler
  • INTERPLAN 100 IMC - One component, in-mould coating primer to paint into the mould prior to lay-up

Cleaners and degreasers

In addition to its extensive range of aircraft paints, Hi-Flight Aerospace supplies cleaner and degreaser products from the INTERPLAN range.

  • INTERPLAN 150 - Basic non-crazing general cleaner
  • INTERPLAN 250 - Concentrated non-crazing cleaner degreaser
  • INTERPLAN 350 - Strong degreaser
  • INTERPLAN EED - Pre-treatment degreaser for application of INTERPLAN 1050 on leather

Aircraft interior painting services

Hi-Flight is also an aircraft interior painting company which specialises in high-quality aircraft finishes. Our team, using their years of experience in the industry, help you to choose an interior colour scheme suited to your airline's fleet or your corporate image. We have worked on a vast range of interiors, from modernising old and dull cabins and giving them a fresh, up-to-date look, to customising panels on new aircraft.

Highly-trained aircraft painters

At our paint finishing centre, our highly-trained painters can carry out repairs and refinish anything from a full cabin interior to individual parts. We also paint meal tray sets, leather seat covers, trolleys, arm caps and cockpit instruments, to name a few.

Aircraft interior refinishing

If your aircraft is not able to be dismantled, our team of experienced painters can come to your service facility and refinish the aircraft's interior in-situ onsite. We understand the urgency of the aerospace business and are able to work fast turnarounds but at the same time assuring our clients of an excellent level of workmanship.

For more information please contact Simon Marsh.

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