Hi-Flight Aerospace

Aircraft Interior Painting and UK Distributor for HSH Aerospace Finishes

Hi-Flight offers recognised aircraft, helicopter painting and refinishing services to the aerospace industry, and has a wide-ranging involvement in repainting, repairs, as well as restorations.

The company provides specialist low drag surface coatings and finishing treatments for any aircraft. Hi-Flight delivers the complete solution for all requirements regardless of colours and textures.

Highly trained aircraft painters

Based in Headcorn, Kent, UK, Hi-Flight uses its expertise to repair and refinish aircraft constituents, including cabin interiors, trays, leather seat covers, trolleys, arm caps, and cockpit appliances.

Aircraft interior refinishing

If it is not possible to dismantle a client's aircraft, Hi-Flight's experienced painters can come to your service facility and refinish the aircraft's interior in-situ onsite. The company understands the urgency of the aerospace business and is able to work to fast turnarounds, while at the same time providing clients with an excellent level of workmanship.

Hi-Flight's services are ISO 9001:2015-approved, which identifies the need for a quality management system, ensuring products and services meet customer and regulatory requirements.

UK distributor for HSH Aerospace Finishes

Hi-Flight Aerospace is the UK distributor for HSH Aerospace Finishes. The INTERPLAN (IP) coatings are all waterborne and specifically designed for use in commercial aircraft interiors. All products are fast drying, durable and easy to apply. Any colour can be matched and the standard lead time is approximately five days from PO.

Durable top coats for aerospace applications

Hi-Flight provides a top coat range, which includes IP1065B, a UV-resistant acrylic top coat designed for application on a wide variety of substrates in aircraft interiors. It provides an extremely hard, wear-resistant and durable surface.

IP1083 is a 2-pack polyurethane-acrylic top coat intended to meet the original equipment manufacturers requirements. The product is dirt and stain-repellent, and abrasion-resistant.

Hi-Flight has created IP1050. This unique product is a one-component, non-hazardous top coat that is odourless, fast-drying, and water-reducible. It is used for leathers and other flexible substrates.

IP1000 is a thermoformable, UV-resistant acrylic substance designed for application on a wide variety of airplane substrates. It does not affect the impact-resistance of plastics and prevents stress crazing.

Hi-Flight supplies a product called IP650. This product is an extremely tough and scratch-resistant satin gloss (20-30GU at 60°) acrylic lacquer for aircraft interiors. It significantly improves cleanability on top of IP1065B.

Aircraft primers for refurbishment and repainting projects

High-quality primer is an essential ingredient in any successful aircraft painting or refurbishment project. Hi-Flight Aerospace provides two-component IP1100B / IP1200B / IP1226B, which each promote the top coat adhesion with recommendations from several OEMs and manufacturers.

IP750M is a one-component, acrylic, fast drying primer for metals, and is chromate-free. Hi-Flight's IP750PC has the same characteristics, but is suitable for aircraft plastics and composites due to its water-reducible qualities.

Fillers for aircraft surface repairs and restorations

Hi-Flight Aerospace can provide the right filler for any aircraft painting, finishing or restoration plan.

IP100RP is a two-component repair / body filler, and was designed to fill holes or damage resulting from a manufacturing process such as machining or moulding. The filler is easy to mix, dries very fast at room temperature without an exothermic reaction, and does not shrink or crack.

IP100SP is a one-component acrylic spatula filler for the surface repair of aircraft interior panels. It is specially formulated to fill up general surface porosity and / or light scratches.

Hi-Flight's time-saving solution, IP100SQ, is used for smooth surfaces and to fill pinholes as well as little scratches before painting or applying laminates. The IP100SQ is certified by several OEMs and should be applied on top of the primers.

IP100 IMC is a primer-filler that can be sprayed directly in moulds before the build-up of a composite panel. The composite part comes out of the mould smooth and ready for painting or laminate application.

Cleaners and degreasers for aircraft interiors and exteriors

In addition to its extensive range of aircraft paints, Hi-Flight Aerospace supplies cleaner and degreaser products from the INTERPLAN range.

IP150 can be used for the cleaning of synthetic materials, aluminium and fabrics. This product is used after the assembly of painted parts to clean handling and assembly stains.

For stronger cleaning, IP250 can be applied on many different substrates, and can be rinsed with water. The product is non-crazing, making it suitable for use in the aircraft cabin.

It was developed to remove graffiti from plastics, metals and painted substrates.

IP350 is ideal for cleaning and degreasing painted and unpainted surfaces. No residues are left after evaporation so it doesn't require rinsing, and can be used for interiors as well as exteriors.

IP EED cleaner evaporates very quickly and leaves no residues. It is strongly recommended for the preparation of leathers and should be applied with IP1050HF.

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