High-Tech Chemical Products, Equipment and Services

Aerochemicals is a dynamic alliance of international specialists in specific markets within the aerospace industry. It is committed to providing a wide range of critical products, services, and technical support. It's members include Contec, Dysol, HaasFinechem, Magchem, Metal Chek, Pexa, PSA, SherwinBabbCo, Socomore and Testron.

International suppliers to the OEM and MRO industries, Aerochemicals' members are leading suppliers of a wide range of products and services including products for cleaning and stripping, surface preparation, painting, aero engine, in-flight, landing gear and wheel, temporary protection, non destructive testing, packaging service and chemical management services.

Aircraft surface cleaning and preparation

A full range of materials for all applications is available together with expert advice on the optimal use of the products. Contec Inc. offers a full range of wipes for use in critical environments. Dysol, Pexa and Socomore products are used wherever there is a critical cleaning application. Materials include: degreasing prior to bonding (DS products), degreasing prior to painting (Diestone DLS), coatings (Akzo Nobel)…

All products are approved for the aerospace industry.

Engine and fuselage overhaul

The highest quality chemicals are supplied by Magchem, Dysol and Socomore in overhaul and maintenance of aircraft engines. A complete line of aero engine products has been developed for these needs. Key products like non chlorinated dewaxers (D-Solv), solvent degreasers (Diestone DLS, DS products), Alkaline cleaners (Soluwax), hot section component cleaners (HDL 73) or hot immersion paint strippers (Kemstrip 596) are approved by numerous aircraft manufacturers.

Hygiene and cleaning products for aircraft interiors

Specialized in hygiene and cleaning products for all aircraft interior applications, PSA and Pexa offer the best products adapted to the requirements of Departments of Health, Transportation and the Environment around the world.

Aircraft disinfectants, insecticides, hard surface and textile disinfectants, soaps and hand creams, cosmetics, odor treatments and air fresheners…are approved to the most important aviation specifications.

Non-destructive testing

The major specialists for Penetrant Testing and Magnetic particle testing. SherwinBabbCo (Europe), Metal Chek do Brasil (South America) Testron (Russia) and Pexa (UK) combine their resources to give users advice on products, control parameters and facilities.

Services for the aviation industry

Packaging solutions : Pexa and Dysol offer a service for small packaging in line with the customer's needs, ready for use when and where they need it. A wide range of pack types is available.

Chemicals and environmental management services: HaasFinechem offers excellent human resource and advanced technology to tailor a complete program on management, manpower, technique and materials to help customers fulfill the following objectives: reduction in general operating cost, improvement of efficiency, safety management and environmental optimization.

Our pledge: customer services

To ensure a personal and efficient service with a capacity to be dynamic, responsive and innovative to serve customers needs.

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