Aircraft Noise and Vibration Damping Components

The aircraft division of GMT Gummi-Metall-Technik GmbH specialises in the customised development, design and production of anti-vibration and shock-mount systems, as well as structure stabilising elements.

GMT has various features in order to conduct and realise cost-effective integrated processes, from a determination of requirements to the conclusion, qualification and certification of components.

Noise and vibration damping solutions

GMT has an innovative and skilled team consisting of engineers, developers and design draftsmen, headquartered in Bühl, Germany.

This experience means GMT has an innovative process of development that produces continuous improvement in the product range.

Process-orientated aircraft noise components

A structured, endured and process-oriented practice means that GMT can provide high-quality and fully qualified products to a range of customers.

GMT has been involved in successful development projects in collaboration with Airbus, Airbus Helicopters and Bombardier Aerospace, among others.

A number of GMT components are now inherent parts of the serial production of aircrafts worldwide. Furthermore, the company aims to increase the development cycle to become an established name on the aircraft market and a strong and reliable supplier of high-quality products.

Customised rubber-metal elements for aircraft

The brand GMT stands for several new aviation standards and patents developed in house, including ABS1263, ABS2180 and ABS1187.

These new standards / patents products in serial production are "Made in Germany", which means they are subject to strict quality inspections and monitoring. This provides customers with reliable products.

Our main references and particular strengths are based on the following components:

  • Struts and tie rods
  • Shock-mounts, bushes, hose and fastening elements
  • Sealing components
  • Customised rubber-metal elements

Components for aviation security and comfort

GMT is continuously improving security and comfort in the aviation sector with an innovative and high-class product range, which is regularly updated.

The company is happy to receive your call or mail inquiry and we look forward to a close wide-ranging collaboration.

Your GMT - development and production partner for the aviation industry.

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GMT Product Flyer 06 August 2014 The aircraft division of GMT GmbH specialises in the customised development, design, qualifying and production of vibration and shock mount systems, as well as structure stabilising elements.