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Aircraft Noise and Vibration Testing Solutions

A leading manufacturer of high-quality noise and vibration measurement solutions for R&D, production and operational applications, Brüel & Kjær helps aerospace engineering companies become more efficient in their production time and reduces development periods with user-friendly and cost-efficient testing.

Complete noise and vibration measurement equipment

Supplying complete sound and vibration measurement equipment from a single point of contact, Brüel & Kjær manufactures high-quality transducers, data acquisition hardware, vibration test systems and analysis software backed by a comprehensive global service and training organisation.

Exterior noise certification, ramp noise testing and wind tunnel testing

High-quality testing assumes greater significance as new materials and designs must pass an exterior noise assessment. Brüel & Kjær performs air craft noise certification and air vehicle flyover noise measurements. During the R&D stage Brüel & Kjær microphones, accelerometers and data acquisition systems provide exterior noise identification, ramp noise testing and wind tunnel testing.

Interior noise assessment of helmets, cabins and cockpits

Optimising comfort and noise reduction, Brüel & Kjær has solutions for comprehensive interior noise assessment of helmets, cabins and cockpits. A range of noise source identification products such as noise mapping and source path contribution analysis assist in R&D and troubleshooting, while occupational health and safety standards testing is addressed with human acoustic and vibration monitoring products.

Structural dynamics testing for aircraft

Analysing and helping with the design of airframe structures, Brüel & Kjær's structural dynamics testing encompass modal analysis and virtual model validation and updating for finite element analysis. Operational testing such as vibration troubleshooting and ground vibration tests are covered by a range of scalable systems.

Vibration testing for aircraft safety and durability

Vibration testing for lifetime durability, fatigue limit and acoustic fatigue testing are all part of Brüel & Kjær's integrated aircraft safety and durability solutions. Systems for flight testing and monitoring integrate with field data replication capabilities for shock response and crash testing.

Engine noise, source location, analysis and certification

Brüel & Kjær's tools cover the entire design process for engine noise, with detailed noise source location and analysis for the development of engine sound quality and acoustic lining designs. Engine noise certification is a core competence for the company's solutions.

Aircraft engine health monitoring

Portable and permanently installed sensors monitor the mechanical health of equipment, engine and gearbox conditions for preventative maintenance and manufacturer-specified checks. Brüel & Kjær makes systems for balancing, trim balancing and vibration diagnostics, as well as monitoring of modal parameters.

Engine component durability testing

Ensuring the quality of new material applications with modal testing guarantees the durability of engine components. Equally, life-cycle vibration testing of components, or whole assemblies, qualifies test objects up to entire engines. The same mechanical shaker systems perform fatigue testing for weakness identification.

Brüel & Kjær has over six decades' experience of providing innovative solutions for noise and vibration testing:

  • More than 90 sales offices in 55 countries
  • 12 accredited calibration centres
  • R&D engineers in Denmark, UK, US and India
  • Brüel & Kjær University with over 500 training courses per year

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