Newbow Aerospace

Specialist Aircraft Ground Support Equipment, Tooling and Instrumentation

Newbow Aerospace is dedicated to the manufacture and supply of specialist aircraft ground support equipment that will improve safety and efficiency during pre-flight maintenance, service and inspection procedures.

Today, the majority of leading world airlines, MROs and defence organisations across the globe use our equipment. Aircraft ground support equipment:

  • Tyre pressure check gauges
  • Tyre inflation equipment and kits
  • Portable charging units (PCU)
  • Strut, accumulator, oleo charging equipment
  • Nitrogen service trolleys and carts
  • Oxygen service trolleys and carts
  • Wheel and brake service trailer
  • Wheel and brake dolly
  • Maintenance steps and platforms
  • Wheel chocks
  • Tyre service tools
  • Nitrogen and oxygen cylinder equipment
  • Bespoke nitrogen generation systems
  • Air jack accessories
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, fittings, couplings & inserts
  • Military equipment

When using Newbow Aerospace ground support equipment on a daily basis, many of our customers quickly benefit from the following advantages:

  • Considerably improve pre and post-flight fuel economy from reduced tyre drag
  • Increase safety and reduce tyre failure
  • Increase the number of landings per tyre
  • Increase tyre performance
  • Reduce the risk of hydroplaning
  • Reduce aircraft shock damage during landing

Tyre pressure checking gauges / equipment

All aircraft tyre pressure gauges manufactured by Newbow Aerospace are highly recognised within the global aviation industry for accuracy, reliability, quality and safety. Each tyre pressure check gauge is calibrated to a tolerance of +/- 1% at reading, which offers the ability to precisely set pressures.

We offer a choice of more than twenty different aircraft tyre pressure check gauges suitable for every aircraft make and model in operation. All units are supplied with 12 months calibration period, 12 months warranty and are issued with full certification.

Tyre inflation equipment

Newbow Aerospace offers a wide range of tyre inflation and high pressure charging equipment. The tyre inflation tool is equipped with a 0-350psi indication pressure gauge that is calibrated to an accurate +/-1.5% at reading. This allows accurate inflation and setting of aircraft tyre pressures. Safety is paramount when inflating a tyre, which is why the majority of leading world airlines and MROs around the world currently use the Newbow tyre inflator.

Each item is supplied with 12 months calibration period, 12 months warranty and is issued with full certification. Newbow Aerospace also offer a wide range of tyre inflation kits, tyre inflation hoses, nitrogen supply hoses, tyre valve connectors, couplings, inserts, adapters, nitrogen and oxygen regulators, bottle and cylinder trolleys, and wheel and brake service trolleys.

Aircraft ground support equipment

Newbow Aerospace offers a wide variety of aircraft ground support equipment that is suitable to all make and model aircraft, ranging from business jet through to commercial jet liners.

Our range of light equipment, which includes aircraft tyre pressure check gauges, tyre inflation kits, charging hoses, cylinder regulators, wheels chocks and pneumatic hose fittings, are held in stock at our UK facility for fast turnaround times. All equipment is provided with certificate of conformity and calibration test records where applicable.

The large ground support equipment we offer includes wheel and brake dollies, nitrogen and oxygen carts, wheel service trailers and aircraft engineer steps. This equipment has been designed with the assistance of aircraft engineers to ensure the end user will gain maximum benefit when working in and around the aircraft.

Specialist aerospace calibration services

Being a leading manufacturer and provider of aircraft ground support equipment, Newbow Aerospace offers a comprehensive calibration, test, and service and repair facility for a wide range of equipment.

All equipment is fully serviced and maintained to the highest of industry standards.

Newbow Aerospace is ISO9001:2008 and NATO registered.

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