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Measurement, Control and Lab Equipment for the Aviation Industry

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PCE Instruments manufacture and sell test equipment for a range of applications, as well as providing pre-sales and after-sales advice, calibration and recalibration services.

For aviation industry clients, PCE Instruments have a portfolio of products from borescopes to force and coating thickness gauges and a range of meters to measure wind direction, speed and atmospheric pressure.

Borescopes for maintenance and inspection work

In the aerospace industry regular visual inspections of gas turbines and turboprop or propeller engines are crucial. It is especially important to check whether parts in the turbines have been loosened due to bird strikes.

PCE offers borescopes or endoscopes with various diameters and different resolutions to detect even the smallest, hairline cracks. Borescopes are available with rigid, semi-rigid and flexible cables, some with a 360° rotating head, and secondary cameras for side-vision.

PCE borescopes come with software for further analysis and many also have a memory function and are equipped with a light to make even the darkest areas visible.

Force gauges for measuring tensile and compressive forces

The tensile and compressive forces of components are an important factor in aviation. For reliable test results, high-quality test instruments are necessary. PCE is one of the top suppliers of force gauges in Europe, fulfilling the highest industrial standards.

The company offers a highly accurate digital force gauge product range in its product range, which can be equipped with an RS-232 interface and various useful functions. For heavy loads, PCE also supplies hanging scales for force measurement.

Software evaluating measuring data via computer, and several test stands can be purchased optionally. PCE can also take care of calibration if required.

Coating thickness gauges for ferrous and non-ferrous materials

PCE offers coating thickness gauges for a wide range of different materials and applications, a variety of measurement ranges, resolutions and accuracies are available.

Measurement of wind speed, wind direction and air pressure

The company offers a range of meters to measure wind speed, wind direction and the atmospheric pressure, which are crucial variables in the aerospace industry. Most of them have a memory function and can be used for long-term measurement.

Various optional accessories can be ordered and calibrations are possible for most anemometers / airflow meters.

Accelerometers and hardness measurement solutions

PCE also supplies accelerometers to measure vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement, as well as hardness testers / durometers, which are available for several hardness scales. These are very useful tools in the aviation industry and different versions can be purchased from PCE Instruments.