Avionics Installation Kits and Aircraft Components and Cables

EMTEQ is a provider of avionics installation kit design and certification in addition to offering manufacturing and assembly and testing expertise. From custom designs to application-engineered kits, they offer a full array of custom or application engineered products and service for commercial, corporate, HOS/VIP and military markets for production and retrofit applications in air, ground, marine and unmanned vehicles.

Metal machining and forming

EMTEQ is skilled in manufacturing machined and formed components for aircraft replacement parts (PDA) use for a variety of aircraft. Its machinists use CNC machining and turning centers to produce precision components. Skilled operators manufacture sheetmetal components using hydraulic presses, English wheels, power rollers and hydraulic press brakes.

Fabricated and formed parts include: ARINC and non-standard equipment mounting trays, antenna doublers, support brackets and beam structures, specialty components from formed sheet metal and extrusions, as well as proprietary manufacturing for OEMs including engine exhaust shrouds for corporate aircraft.

Aluminum equipment mounting trays

EMTEQ staff designers and drafters develop new or customize existing ARINC 404 / 600 and military, non-standard equipment mounting trays to meet RTCA-DO-160, military specifications and OEM requirements. Options include several styles of front hold-downs and rear guide pins, shock-vibration isolators and cooling fans. They will also design and produce box or pallet assemblies.

Aircraft improvement kits, PDA and cargo restraint systems

EMTEQ designs, engineers and manufactures improvement kits and replacement parts (PDA) for a variety of fixed and rotor wing aircraft. Kits can be supplied with PMA. Their cargo restraint systems are designed and built for long-lasting durability, safety and ease of installation and use.

RF coax, Ethernet and specialty cables

EMTEQ designs, assembles and tests an extensive line of proprietary low-loss, lightweight aircraft-grade radio frequency and high performance coaxial cables, including 50?, 70?, 77?, 78?, 100? and 125? data-bus, Ethernet and fiber-optic cables. EMTEQ's cables are designed to meet or exceed FAA and OEM requirements for flammability, smoke and toxic-gas emissions as required. Capabilities include precision testing up to 40GHz as well as burn testing and reporting.

Aircraft interior lighting

EMTEQ’s LED lights are lightweight, have an extremely low failure-rate and can be customized for almost any application or location on an aircraft or vehicle. Products include wash lighting, flexible lighting, dome and reading lights. Many standard products have NVIS compliant variants.

Aircraft exterior lighting

EMTEQ’s exterior lights meet RTCA / DO-160 and MIL-STD-810 standards and fulfill requirements for EASA ETSO and FAA TSO certification and OEM specifications. Systems include anti-collision lights, including a 400cd light, and position, tail, wing-tip, NVG friendly and combination LED lighting assemblies. State-of-the-art optics and packaging allows for compact, utilitarian designs which can be readily customized.

Aircraft engineering and certification

With engineering offices worldwide, including the US, Switzerland, Brazil and Canada, EMTEQ’s staff includes FAA certified DERs, DMIRs and DARs as well as mechanical, avionics, optical and electrical engineers. Their expertise and success is supported by a portfolio of more than 100 FAA STCs, many with EASA and other local approvals.

EMTEQ’s Canadian counterpart, ACS-NAI, specializes in OEM and aftermarket structural and avionics design, interior certification, engineering, fabrication and technical support. They hold Transport Canada Design Approval Organization (DAO) and Transport Canada parts manufacturing approval.

Software proficiencies include CAD programs such as IGE-XAO, CATIA, CADKEY, SolidWorks; and finite element analysis.

Value-added capabilities, quality assurance and support

EMTEQ is committed to ensuring program success with high-quality products, responsive service, open communication and flexibility. Value-added services include comprehensive program management, design substantiation, qualification testing, reports and analysis. EMTEQ conducts business from an FAA PMA approved facility which is also EN / JSIQ / AS9100:2004 approved.

As an FAA and EASA approved repair station, EMTEQ can issue return-to-service tags and forms 8130-3 and 337 for ARINC 404 / 600 trays, coax cable assemblies and many of their lighting products. EMTEQ is an approved vendor of numerous OEMs and system integrators.

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New Berlin
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United States of America
Contact: Emily Schoen
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+1 262 679 6170
+1 888 679 6170 (USA toll free)
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