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Daedalus Aviation Group offers a unique 'one-stop shop' concept to support military aviation customers worldwide and is ISO 9001:2008 and AQAP 2120 certified. In close cooperation with its partners, Daedalus can not only offer its own competences but also the specific competences of each its partners.

This method ensures the full scope of all required activities is covered under one umbrella, through one focal point. The big advantage for the customer is that they can handle their business with just one point of contact that will make sure all processes are seamlessly integrated in order to create the most efficient and effective solution. Our aim is to do more for less, while keeping our quality standards at the highest level. Hence, our mission statement is:

'Deliver ultimate support for military aviation, covering the full scope from logistics to operations, in order to ensure (weapon) system availability and operational readiness.'

Military aviation services

The military aviation services we provide can be divided into the following groups:

Aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrades

Daedalus delivers support solutions for the whole range of aircraft maintenance activities, ranging from work planning, preventive and corrective maintenance to more complex work like overhauls and modifications.

Daedalus is very flexible in the way it can provide maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrades support. Customers can select for project-based, structural outsourcing of a select part of the business or they can hire our experienced technical personnel.

Furthermore, Daedalus offers in-house component repair for avionics. In Tilburg, Daedalus has an avionics shop that specialises in repairs of F-16 FACE (fatigue analysis and combat evaluation) and CMFD (colour multi function display) units. All other avionics repairs will be performed through our joint venture with IEI.

Aerospace logistics support services

Besides all direct aircraft-related activities, Daedalus provides support for activities that play a more facilitating role. These services range from consultancy to support, with aerospace ground equipment, IT systems, publication management and supply chain management.

Aviation personnel support services

Daedalus aviation personnel services include recruiting, hiring and employing technical specialists in order to provide customers with on-site expertise and to fill (short-term) manning gaps in areas such as flight line operations, O-level, I-level, D-level and back-shop maintenance. Furthermore, Daedalus can provide experienced programme managers, planners and maintenance managers to ensure swift execution of your activities.

By hiring Daedalus-qualified, fully screened technicians, our customers experience rapid on-site manpower additions to meet operational needs, which is cost-effective considering the fact that our people are already trained and experienced.

On-the-job aircraft maintenance training

Daedalus can provide specific on-the-job training (OJT) for (type) trained personnel in order to enable organisations to perform big modification projects or other types of more complex maintenance activities. In most cases, these OJTs will be combined with actual execution of the projects themselves.

Within the various trades of aircraft maintenance in which Daedalus deploys personnel, Daedalus can provide highly experienced technicians that can operate as trainers or instructors in order to transfer knowledge to a customer that has no or partial knowledge of the specific work that is to be performed.

Besides OJT within the aircraft maintenance sector, Daedalus can provide training (classroom and OJT) for support elements like ground support equipment (end-user, maintainer), management and use of supporting IT systems, etc. in close coordination with its partners.

Aviation spare parts provisioning

Over the years Daedalus has built up a large network of sources of repair (SORs) and suppliers within the aviation market. We support our customers in obtaining the best quality repairs for competitive pricing and the shortest turn-around times.

Surplus aviation equipment sales support

When armed forces decide to sell their surplus equipment, it usually involves a lot of work besides just making the sale, especially when this pertains to aircraft. Daedalus has extensive knowledge of the military aviation market and is able to provide a solution for those air forces that are not equipped to support the sales effort.

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