Worldwide Aircraft Brokerage Services

Jetcraft is an international leader in the acquisition, sale, trade and brokerage of both new and pre-owned aircraft. With over 50 years of steady growth and successful results, Jetcraft has earned a loyal, world-class customer base, one of the largest global networks in the industry and expertise in nearly every make and model aircraft.

A truly global company, Jetcraft's regional offices are headed by locally-based sales professionals with extensive business aviation experience and cultural knowledge. All this gives Jetcraft superior vision, access, resources and local intelligence to create proactive, customised deals for discerning clients. Whether helping a private buyer or handling a fleet, Jetcraft solutions are flexible, innovative and make every transaction feel local.

Aircraft brokerage services

Jetcraft is a pioneer and global leader in aircraft brokerage and acquisitions. We match aircraft to your specifications in a professional and timely manner, permitting you to concentrate on your everyday business, leaving the important details of marketing, negotiating and contracting to us.

Whether buying, selling or leasing a new or pre-owned aircraft, Jetcraft is committed to providing superior customer service and creating long-term customer relationships. Jetcraft will provide you with the most accurate and complete market information to help you make your decision. Information to facilitate your decision-making is absolutely essential and we have a team of people who are ready to gather that information for you.

Strong negotiation skills take centre stage as the closing approaches. Constant communications between all concerned will be vital throughout the contract stage, and time is often of the essence. Jetcraft will evaluate all offers for you. Deposit and payment schedules will need to be coordinated with lenders and terms for the transfer of funds will be specified. Our transaction specialists will take care of the contract negotiations and closing of a purchase and sales transaction.

Brokerage services also include:

  • On-site physical review of aircraft and records
  • Asset management consultation and coordination
  • Lead generation
  • Reporting and follow-up
  • Maintaining liaison contact between buyer and seller
  • Offers and negotiations
  • Custom solutions
  • Letters of intent, marketing agreements and offers
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Coordination of pre-purchase inspections activities
  • FAA closing documentation
  • International registration documentation
  • Coordination with lenders
  • Coordination of IRC section 1031 like-kind exchange with qualified intermediary

Aircraft listing services

When your aircraft is listed for sale with Jetcraft, we handle everything from on-site physical review of the aircraft and records to complete marketing and advertising programme to secure suitable lessee / buyers. Jetcraft handles all executive showings and demonstrations, negotiates with prospects and administers all details relating to the transfer of the aircraft from one owner to another owner or lessee.

Jetcraft arranges professional photographs for advertising materials, internal layout and production of professional e-brochures for email distributions and targeted mass mailings. Your plane will receive worldwide promotion via a multitude of print publications, electronic media and industry trade events. Our extensive marketing and advertising distinguishes us in the industry for achieving results.

Aircraft acquisition services

When you are looking to acquire a new or pre-owned aircraft, we will conduct a worldwide market search to identify the best opportunity in the market and the most suitable aircraft for your mission and budget at the best possible price.

Acquisition expertise:

  • Pricing and aircraft valuation
  • Maintenance and inspection issues
  • Pricing negotiations
  • Contract terms
  • Privacy protection

Aircraft consulting services

Jetcraft's insightful perspective and long consulting experience will help you avoid risks and pitfalls along the road to your desired goal. Our aircraft consulting services provide honest, accurate and up-to-date market knowledge, helping clients realise the maximum value from their aviation investments when it comes to corporate and private business jet aircraft. Whether you are currently operating business jet aircraft or are considering to do so, we provide a range of consulting services to assist you.

  • Aircraft appraisals and fair market value analysis
  • Residual value analysis / forecasting
  • Complete needs analysis and aircraft selection
  • Analysis of current operational usage
  • Charter/fractional cost analysis vs. ownership
  • Fleet planning

Jetcraft Avionics

Jetcraft Avionics was formed to provide NextGen enhanced flight vision solutions for aftermarket aircraft. Jetcraft's HUD Vision Access, the most advanced low-visibility solution to meet aircraft operational needs worldwide, is now available for the Bombardier Challenger 604. It combines Kollsman's innovative AT-HUD and EVS-II to give pilots enhanced visibility through rain, snow, smog, even heavy fog, and with a level of detail and contrast never achieved before.

JetCoast custom completions

JetCoast is a strategic alliance between Jetcraft, Jet Aviation and Bombardier Aerospace to provide built-to-spec completions of select Bombardier Challenger aircraft. JetCoast is an alternate channel for customers who want the benefits of a new aircraft but with custom modifications and shortened lead times.

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