Wollsdorf Leder

High-Quality Upholstery Leather for the Aviation Industry

Wollsdorf Leder is an Austrian-based tannery, founded in 1932, that has established itself as an experienced and successful producer of high-quality leather. Our products are used in the automotive, furniture, trains, marine and aviation industries.

In the field of aircraft leather, Wollsdorf Leder is an extremely competent and reliable partner for many major airlines. The product range for aviation leather can be used to upholster seats, arm rests, headrests and panelling. Wollsdorf Leder offers both full leather hides as well as a cut and sew operation.

Leather aircraft for seats, arm rests and panelling

Producing top-quality products with character is the mission and the secret behind Wollsdorf Leder's success. Quality starts with the careful selection of our suppliers and continues throughout our entire production process. Wollsdorf Leder was the first European leather producer to receive the EN IOS 9001 quality certificate in 1993.

In 2000 Wollsdorf Leder became the first leather producer in the world to be awarded the ISO/TS 16949 quality certificate and was also EN 9100 certified in 2007. The result of the efforts is a range of exclusive leathers that meet the high expectations of customers all over the world.

Environmental protection and sustainability play an important role at Wollsdorf Leder. As early as 1997, the company was the first European leather producer to be awarded the environmental certificate EN ISO 14001 for its efforts to implement a clearly practiced environmental policy, which has been re-issued to us annually ever since. We do not only comply with the highest standards in the leather-producing industry; we strive to go beyond and exceed European standards.

Unique upholstery leather solutions for aircraft seats

Leather solutions by Wollsdorf Leder are as individual as our customers' wishes. As a globally recognised supplier of high-quality upholstery leather for the aviation industry, we are able to meet the latest technical requirements of our customers. We have maximum flexibility at our disposal in production. We are also happy to develop individual leather solutions jointly with our customers.

Wollsdorf Leder is a fully integrated tannery - from the raw hide to the high-quality finished leather. We have our in-house laboratory equipment for the global automotive / aircraft industries.

Furthermore, with our own R&D department we can offer individual development solutions for our customers. Our stock range currently covers a collection of 221 colours. At Wollsdorf we offer an on-site QA-service for our customers as the market leader in Europe for automotive steering wheel leather.

Lightweight leather for the aviation industry

The recently developed lightweight leather Amba Eco from Wollsdorf Leder, was used to cover more than 35,000 economy class, lightweight seats of a renowned globally operating airline. Another key feature of Amba Eco is its SPS finish, which prevents leather from soiling, subsequently lengthening cleaning intervals.

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