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IFE Systems, Cabin Management, Video Surveillance and Solar Protection Solutions

Vision Systems Aeronautics is active in the design, testing, production and customer support of systems for business jets, helicopters, regional and commercial aircrafts. The company, located in Brignais, southern France, offers a very competitive product range and innovative concepts in video surveillance, cabin management, IFE systems integrated connectivity solutions and solar protection solutions.

Vision Systems is committed to providing the highest level of support for the systems it sells.

Beside the PART 21 and 145 certification on the full range of products, Vision Systems can offer, through its partnerships, a worldwide 'AOG support' and a daily technical assistance for diagnosis, replacement or repair of its IFE and shading systems.

Real-time full digital CCTV system

Vision Systems is launching a brand-new video surveillance system, the VisiEye, to complete its existing and certified analog solution.

For optimised security, the system supports both IP and analog cameras, giving high resolution real-time images.

All images can be wirelessly transmitted (permitting connection), allowing you to keep an eye on fleet in real time, thanks to our web-based solution.

The VisiEye includes image analysis technology for passenger counting. It can be connected to different sensors (cockpit door opening, motion detection), alerting ground staff in the event of a problem. This system can also be configured to detect motion in multiple zones, triggering an alarm.

This solution can be piloted with Vision Systems' cabin management system: the CrewView.

Vision Systems offers a complete range of IFE systems with high levels of functionality and customisation.

VisiMedia: IFE solution for regional and continental aviation

The VisiMedia system includes different sources interfacing together: media centre, cabin management and IFE:

  • VisiBox (media centre): storage of video, music, advertising and data
  • CrewView (cabin management): centralised management of video, music, safety instructions, shades, lights and temperature controlled by the flight attendant
  • Pop up, pop down, VisiTouch (IFE display): digital screens with a wireless sound transmission

VisiBox: compact box including IFEC and cabin management

VisiBox is the lightest and most compact box delivering cabin management, IFE, moving map and Satcom. Only a 2MCU size box is necessary.

Easy to install, to retrofit and to maintain, the VisiBox can be located in one of the avionics bays or in the cabin (galley).

Thanks to the VisiBox brain of the system, which centralises all information, we can retrieve data to and from all the different sources and types of satellite connections such as Inmarsat and Iridium.

CrewView: a centralised cabin management system

Through the cabin management system called CrewView, the crew can manage all functionalities and automatically launch the onboard flight programme (audio and video media, moving map, safety instructions) to the passengers' screens. This set of functionalities, hosted in the VisiBox, can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

Vision Systems develops a specific programme for the crew in order to easily manage the flight programme.

Thanks to this programme, which can be updated by the operation team and automatically downloaded with a USB stick or through Wi-Fi, it means the crew will save time during the flight. Several crew flight programmes can be stored in the media centre; the crew will just have to choose the one they need.

Offering a different cinematic through innovative display

The display and management of all functionalities embedded in this system can be done through different motorised touch screens: pop up (deployed from the armrest), pop down (deployed from the ceiling) and VisiTouch (AVOD seatback display).

Solution to use your own device during the flight: you can connect your personal devices to the multimedia centre and gain access to movie/music/moving maps and satcom features.

Polarised solution for your shades or cabin divider

Nuance is a breakthrough shading system allowing the control of light entering the cabin at every level between clear and blackout.

Eclipse is a fit and finish design solution allowing you to switch instantly from transparency to privacy.

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