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Light and Colour Measurement Solutions for the Aerospace Industry


Radiant Vision Systems is a leading provider of light and colour measurement solutions for the aerospace industry.

Cameras and optical solutions for the aerospace sector

Calibrated for National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-traceable measurements, Radiant charge coupled device (CCD)-based imaging colourimeters and photometers provide the most accurate characterisation of light sources, capturing precise spatial measurements of luminance, chromaticity (CIE or L*a*b colour space coordinates), and contrast.

Radiant cameras feature a tristimulus optical filter system scientifically engineered to simulate human visual sensitivity to brightness and colour. This optical system enables quality evaluations of illuminated components that accurately reflect an operator's or passenger's perception of the component, whether a display, character, sign, or ambient light distribution pattern, ensuring components meet requirements for safety and operability.

Display testing for LCDs, OLEDs, and HUDs

Radiant provides display test systems worldwide, with thousands of systems deployed in the testing of flat panel displays (FPDs), smart devices and touchscreens, infotainment and navigation displays.

Radiant cameras evaluate liquid crystal display (LCD) and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays and display components, including backlight units (BLUs) and LCD modules, as well as augmented reality displays and head-up displays (HUDs), for performance in a range of ambient light environments from day to night in all weather conditions.

Radiant display tests are performed using a ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeter or Photometer paired with ProMetric or TrueTest™ Software. Tests include American National Standards Institute (ANSI) brightness, ANSI colour uniformity, light or colour mura (blemish) detection, light leakage, pixel and line defect inspection, image sticking, and viewing angle performance testing.

Display tests support standardised measurement practices such as those recommended by SAE International for displays, HUDs, and illuminated components (for example, ARP4260B, which contains colorimetric and photometric measurement procedures for airborne electronic flat panel display systems).

Radiant measurement systems may optionally employ an image analysis algorithm specifically for computing just noticeable differences (JND) in display uniformity, used to identify display mura. The JND detection algorithm is offered in the TrueMURA™ plug-in for TrueTest Software, and is based on US patent 7,783,130, Spatial Standard Observer technology, licensed by Radiant from NASA.

Backlit symbols, illuminated instruments, and signs

Digital avionics continue to replace analog components in the cockpit, and controls in the cabin, making light and colour accuracy an increasingly critical evaluation in manufacturing for aerospace and defence.

Indicators, gauges, controls, instrument panels, and illuminated signs provide vital performance, instructional, and safety information, and many backlit components must comply with standard luminance and colour thresholds for adequate intensity and distribution under all conditions of ambient and external lighting.

Designed specifically for backlit symbol measurement, Radiant measurement systems feature a powerful software tool called automatic points of interest (Auto-POI), which automatically selects backlit symbols based on colour and luminance values, regardless of shape, size, location, or position.

Values captured by the software include average luminance across symbols, minimum and maximum luminance points, colour values, and dominant wavelengths.

Interior and exterior light source measurement

Radiant light measurement systems enable manufacturers to meet general recommendations for interior lighting in cockpits, cabins, galleys, lavatories, ceilings, aisles, walls, and overhead bins (such as reading lights) to ensure adequate illumination for boarding and deplaning, movement about the cabin, reading, use of lavatories and work areas, use of stowage compartments, and other functions.

For exterior lighting, such as navigation, anti-collision, taxi, landing, flood, wheel well, logo, and other light sources and illuminated areas, Radiant systems ensure illuminance distribution accuracy as well as color compliance in accordance with SAE regulation test points in addition to custom test points.

Radiant systems measure both small, single light sources (LEDs) as well as large luminaires to characterize intensity, illuminance, luminance, and chromaticity. Specially-engineered Radiant software tools convert these measurements to luminous intensity distribution and illumination distribution, and can also be used to evaluate beam pattern cut-off gradients for navigation and flood lights.

Advanced CCD imaging technology

Radiant ProMetric Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers feature a compact, fully-integrated form factor, simple hardware / software setup, and Ethernet connectivity, making them extremely easy to deploy in research and development labs, as well as on production lines. Image processing time is reduced through high-resolution (to 29MP) high-dynamic range to capture the greatest number of pixels and grayscale values within an image for fine-detail automated visual inspection.

Scientific-grade, interline-cooled CCDs reduce image noise for even greater accuracy in imaging and inspection, while electronically-controlled lenses enable adaptive measurement depth for dynamic or in-line applications.

Especially critical for HUD characterisation and inspection, electronically-controlled lenses enable the location as well as measurement of size and position of objects on an infinite plane. ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeters performs colour and luminance measurements, while ProMetric Y Imaging Photometers provide luminance measurement and high-contrast visual inspection.

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