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Aircraft Interiors, Seat and Carpet Refurbishment


We offer dedicated cabin interior maintenance, repair, overhaul and servicing at the airline's preferred location. A bespoke cabin service contract can be agreed with each airline, from simple seat repairs to full provision for seats, carpets, galleys, curtains and PSUs. Work can be undertaken on both a planned and unscheduled maintenance basis.

From full fleet refurbishments to the simplest cleaning job, we will take care of the details. We will produce the design MODs and supply quality materials put together by our skilled craftsmen with great attention to detail. We understand the need to maintain the standards of aircraft interiors without causing delays, within airworthiness regulations.

With EASA Part 145 Approval, UK145.01234, Cabinair Services is a one-stop shop for aircraft interiors, with the ability to support international clients on site at all major airports.

Aircraft seat supply

Cabinair Services own a large inventory of aircraft seats that are available for sale in serviceable and overhauled condition. For more information about our available inventory, please contact us. We are experts at sourcing seats for all commercial aircraft for economy, business, first class and crew seats. We ship all seats in overhauled or serviceable condition to the LOPA/ CMM with flammability / burn certificate and EASA Form 1.

Aircraft seat refurbishment

Our large workshop facility in Letchworth allows us to completely overhaul passenger seat ship sets from assembly to repair. Working to LOPA drawings, we are able to refurbish a full range of seats including Recaro, B/E Aerospace, Burns, Contour, Flying Service and Sicma. We can also incorporate customised features. We offer the ability to supply individual or ship sets in a range of leather and fabric.

Replacement seat covers and foams are readily available for all types of passenger seats, including the 9G and 16G variants. Working with fabric and leather, we are able to offer a 'like for like' replacement from our extensive library of seat cover patterns or, in conjunction with a customer, design and manufacture a new product for improved comfort, aesthetics or re-branding. All supported with approved certification and burns certification.

Plastics repair

We use SATTO® to repair broken or damaged plastics wherever possible. Any damage to plastics, be it a hairline crack or a sheared part, is SATTO-bonded, prepared and sent to our paint shop. The repaired plastics are as good as new. Material spend and lengthy lead times are eliminated - resulting in a massive reduction in airline costs.

Aircraft carpets

Cabinair Services can supply a range of aircraft carpets to meet your specific requirements. We have worked with all major suppliers to provide the very best in carpet solutions offering a fast response from our vast stock, with the ability to produce and install a ship set within 48 hours. All carpets supplied and cut can be overlocked to specific requirements. This reduces fraying and improves aesthetics.

Aircraft curtain manufacture

We have an extensive aircraft curtain manufacturing capability. Individually designed to meet customer needs, all styles and sizes of curtains can be manufactured to requirement and produced with very short lead times and from minimal information. We offer either steam pressed or stitched versions. To complement this we can also offer a cleaning service. We also offer design and manufacture of the curtain track and structural attachments, including the modification paperwork.

Cabin fittings and seat parts

We also hold a vast stock of cabin fittings and furnishings and seat parts. These include class dividers and curtain assemblies, floor finishings, bulkheads and windbreakers, galley fixings, equipment and flooring, toilet assemblies, lighting, etc. We have excellent working relationships with OEMs and suppliers and can quickly source any necessary parts.


Cabinair Services have a large storage capacity in Hertfordshire and can store over 1000 seat assemblies. We can offer a low cost alternative to storing bulky items such as seats, which an airline (or leasing company) may require in the medium to long term, but does not wish to dispose or sell on.

We provide short, medium and long term storage facilities on both seats and spare parts. All seats and parts will be boxed, labelled and given a specific storage location, for ease of retrieval or inspection at any time.

Transit teams

Our Cabinair Transit Teams are happy to perform progressive seat and cabin maintenance within routine aircraft downtimes (transit, daily, overnight and A-checks at a time and place to suit the airline).

Hi-Low tables

Hi-Low tables are available through our sister company, Specialist Aviation. No electricity supply is required, and these tables come in three different table top sizes and a range of finishes. They can be stowed in low position for take-off, turbulence and landing.

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