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Biggles Labelling Introduces New Design Technology

Monday, October 20, 2008 by Biggles Labelling

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Biggles Labelling, the industry’s leading independent supplier of aircraft decals and placards, is pleased to announce a significant addition to their ever expanding product range. Recent substantial investment in the very latest design software has allowed Biggles Labelling to add far eastern languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese, to their ranges of exterior decals and internal placards.

David Carey, head of product development at Biggles Labelling, explained the difference that this has made: "Before now, producing decals and placards in languages such as Chinese and Japanese, or even Arabic, was a very time consuming process, which our customers wish to avoid as much as possible. With our new software in place, we can now produce placards utilising far eastern languages within the same time frame as those with just an English text."

The first placards produced using this new method were two complete interior kits for the B737-900 aircraft. The kits, each totalling over 200 individual parts, were produced in a bilingual English-Korean format, together with all the standard markings in the cabin. Amazingly, design and production was completed within a five-day window.

Biggles Labelling currently has a product range of over 25,000 individual parts, covering a complete range of commercial and executive aircraft. These are available as singular items and as aircraft kits covering complete aircraft or certain areas / zones.