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IFPL Reveals Solution for Audio and Power in One Module

Friday, March 04, 2011 by IFPL

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IFPL will shortly be showcasing the latest addition to its audio jack family. The jack has IFPL's low cost noise cancellation jack (INCAM™) and a USB port, and is aimed at economy and premium seat passengers. With the increase of carry-on personal electronic devices comes the need to recharge everything from the laptop to the iPod, and all of this can be done via the appropriate cable by plugging into a simple USB port. "This jack takes care of many of your passengers' needs in one simple module," said Neil Thomas, IFPL's business development manager.

IFPL's popular INCAM is in thousands of aircraft seats worldwide. The jack has the expensive noise cancellation electronics housed in the jack, thus allowing airlines to offer noise cancellation without needing to provide expensive headsets. The jack features IFPL's Rapid Fit™ cassette, which allows the jack to be replaced in a matter of seconds, without removing the whole module. IFPL is planning a second module that will use a cassette USB to bring the same easy-to-maintain feature that has proved so popular with the Rapid Fit audio jacks.

"Audio and power in one module has got to be a simple but effective way forward for airlines who want to cover all the bases," said Thomas, "we will be showing the module in a number of finishes to show how airlines can incorporate the module into their livery."