IFE and Passenger Entertainment Systems

IFPL specialises in product design and engineering solutions to the passenger entertainment industry.

We manufacture our own products and are suppliers to ALL of the major Inflight Entertainment (IFE) systems suppliers, as well as the leading airlines in the world.


Our skills in product design, coupled with our knowledge of the cabin environment, allow us to design and develop passenger products that are reliable and easy to use.

We have helped major IFE companies with the whole development process from initial concepts, through to qualification testing and certification, and then on to final aircraft installation for the following products:

  • Passenger handsets
  • Passenger controllers (PCU)
  • Video deployment arms
  • Multimedia docking stations
  • Audio jacks
  • Dataports and multiport connectors

By adopting our design philosophy, you will find that your products will mature at a much quicker rate, and will have fewer problems along the way.


The 'Rapid Fit Jack' is unique to IFPL. Imagine being able to replace an audio jack in just a few seconds during an aircraft turnaround period - with this unit you can. A compatibility chart of headsets and audio jacks is available on our website.

The jack is made in two parts, and includes a clever slot-in cassette which holds the actual connector part. When the jack fails, it's simply a case of undoing a single screw, pulling out the cassette, and replacing with a new one. There's no need to dismantle the seat arm, and no need to disturb the seat cable-harness. The whole process can be undertaken in less than a minute.

The benefits are obvious. Not only is the replaceable part much cheaper than a complete audio jack module, but the cost savings potential is huge. The benefits to seat availability are also obvious. A jack can be reported as broken on an outbound flight, and can potentially be fixed in time for the return leg!

Our ‘fit and forget’ Long Life? Audio Jacks have been tested to over 100,000 insertions – for reliability nothing else comes close. This patented audio jack not only has a robust design, but also has a feature that allows broken headset tips to be pushed through the jack to the housing.


'INCAM', our 'Integrated Noise Cancelling Jack Module' provides the latest low cost solution for audio noise cancellation. All of the electronics are housed within the jack module in the seat. This means that all you require in the headset are the speakers and microphones, which results in a far cheaper headset with the same performance.

INCAM is available in two and three pin versions, with or without the rapid fit feature. A further benefit of INCAM is its compatibility with most types of non-noise cancelling headsets. This feature gives airlines the option to offer low cost noise cancellation throughout the whole cabin.

INCAM is now a standard offering on the latest Thales and Rockwell IFE systems, and is currently being installed by several airlines, including British airways, Etihad, and Delta.


The dual-purpose audio module is the latest development from IFPL. The dual purpose module is configured to accept dual pin headsets and single pin headsets. This is a major benefit to airlines who operate mixed fleets, because they no longer need to worry about matching specific headset types to specific aircraft. Another great benefit is that passengers can use their own carry-on headsets with the audio module, without the need for an adapter plug.


IFPL has developed docking stations designed to be compatible with all MP4, MP3, iPod, Zunes and DVD palyers, while incorporating USB and audio output jacks as standard. IFPL has registered on the ‘Made for iPod ‘ programme.

We know that airlines need the highest level of technical and project management support. IFPL can offer this service to you. We have worked with most of the world's major seat suppliers, and having designed and developed the IFE equipment, we know what it takes to get it right - on both sides.

We have a worldwide distribution network, including AAXICO, Inc., of Miami, USA. IFPL holds EASA 21 (G)approval. EASA approval also means we can supply our products direct to customers with European-registered aircraft.

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