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Sensors, Cables and Signal Conditioning Equipment for the Aerospace Industry

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PCB Piezotronics provides sensors, cables and signal conditioning instruments for the aerospace sector.

Testing accelerometers and sensors for aerospace applications

PCB Piezotronics supplies accelerometers, pressure sensors, microphones, torque and force sensors and load cells.

These products are used for numerous applications, such as gas turbine engines and testing rocket motor combustion instability, cryogenic fuel pulsations, hydraulic pump evaluation, and helicopter health and usage monitoring (HUMS).

They are also used for structural, vibration and flight testing, as well as satellites for vibration, pyroshock, force limited vibration and acoustic stress testing. PCB products can also be used in wind tunnels and to measure aircraft noise.

Ground testing for aircraft vehicles

The ground testing of a new or modified aircraft is required before pre-flight programmes can begin.

Ground testing is a complicated and extensive programme including airborne and structure acoustics, material fatigue, structural dynamics and flight loads.

PCB Piezotronics provides a wide range of sensors and signal conditioners for ground testing. The products on offer are reliable, cost-effective and tailored to specific types of testing.

PCB ground testing products includes sensors for ground vibration testing (GVT), modal analysis, static load and fatigue testing, reliability and functional testing, along with acoustic testing and certification of aircraft.

Flight test sensors for airborne applications

PCB Piezotronics has worked with flight test engineering to develop flight test sensors and and signal conditioners for use in difficult aerospace environments. The products available include sensors for helicopters, aircraft, UAVs and rockets.

Sensors can measure engine vibration and pressure, rotor and track balance, cabin and cockpit noise and rocket launch noise. They also measure engine flutter, buffeting, HUMS and intertial loads.

The engineering staff at PCB Piezotronics has a wealth of experience in designing flight test applications and can quickly modify sensors for specific test requirements.

Environmental test sensors for extremely adverse conditions

PCB Piezotronics manufacture environmental test sensors including highly accelerated life testing (HALT) and highly accelerated stress screening (HASS) accelerometers.

These accelerometers are used during HALT and HASS testing, which expose electronic products to environmental stresses, and exposes failures and defects. Only products that pass these tests are sent to customers, so that PCB provides high-quality, reliable products.

The company also offers stage separation pyroshock testing, spacecraft low outgassing accelerometers and cables, as well as satellite force limited vibration testing and cryogenic and high-temperature vibration and pressure measurement in gas turbine and rocket engines.

Manufacturing operations are certified to AS9100 and ISO 9001, with A2LA accredited calibration to ISO 17025. Products can be manufactured to meet specific aerospace environmental standards, such as RTCA-DO-160 and MIL-STD-810.

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