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Aircraft Electronic Modules in 3D Component Packaging

3D Plus is the leading company for the 3-D packaged electronics and is recognized as a high performance innovator in the design and manufacturing of miniaturized 3-D modules according to its patented vertical stacking technology for more than 10 years.

With a capability of stacking eight semiconductor devices within 1.3mm, 3-D PLUS Ultra Low Profile Modules are unique.

With the challenge of stacking five ASICs (Analog ASIC, Telecom ASIC…) in a thickness of 0.75mm and for a total volume of 3mm³, 3D PLUS' most advanced technology is at the leading edge of the electronics miniaturization.

This state-of-the-art stacking technology is also bringing a very high reliability and resistance to harsh environments (vibrations, mechanical shocks, thermal and humidity) and as such offers innovative electronic component packaging solutions for the aerospace industry.

With a broad range of catalog products including memory modules, camera heads, power converters and computer modules, and with its very miniaturized System-In-Package solutions, 3D PLUS fits the requirements of high technology and high reliability industries in military, avionics, medical and space markets.

Since the beginning in 1995, the company always pursued a constant growth with today customers spread over 30 countries.


3D Plus produces a range of high density packaging products with interconnection in three dimensions (3D) to drastically reduce applications' mass and volume, and to enhance their electrical performances and harsh environment tolerance.

Standard products include:

  • Memory modules based on SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, SRAM, FLASH and EEPROM
  • DSP-based computer cores
  • Camera heads and video chain electronics (PAL and NTSC standards)
  • Low power DC/DC converters for distributed power architectures
  • Radiation tolerant and radiation hardened modules

3D Plus also produces made-to-order products defined by the specific needs of individual customers. With its System-In-Package solutions, 3D PLUS embeds in one single and miniaturized package active, passive, opto-electronics and MEMS/MOEMS components for today’s and tomorrow’s electronic designs.

The great miniaturization possibilities combined with the flexibility and the short lead time of 3D PLUS solutions are recognized and selected by today’s most demanding customers.


Focussing on smaller, faster, larger capacity and wide bit organization, 3D PLUS leads the way in a number of value-added memory modules matching the needs of today's and tomorrow's electronics. The 3D technology enables savings of at least factor 10 on weight and volume of the components compared to existing SMD solutions.

Furthermore, reliability and electronic performances are significantly improved since parasitic effects (e.g. resistance, inductance and capacity) are reduced in the same proportions as the reduction in volume.

Benefits include:

  • Miniaturization (save up to 80% space and weight in the design)
  • Very high density
  • Wide bit organization
  • High operating speed and high signal integrity and immunity to noise and ground bounce
  • Very high reliability
  • Radiation guaranty for Space application (TID, SEL and SEU)
  • Robust to harsh environment for avionics and military applications


Embedding a processor core, an FPGA companion chip, and some RAM and ROM memory types as well as some I/O interface components in one single package, our computer module provide our customers with one of the most integrated, fully tested and ready to use computer core solution.


Our miniaturized, lightweight and easy-to-use colour CCD camera head are suitable for embedded systems and industrial and medical endoscopes applications with Ø of 4.8mm and 2.8mm. It embeds state-of-the art CCD sensors with high resolution and sensitivity, low smear and dark current, and excellent anti-blooming characteristics.

The embedded electronics provide the camera with a long cable-driving capability: up to 10m of cable can be connected between the camera head and the base station.

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