Performance Engineering Services

With more than 40 years of experience in the aviation industry, Flygprestanda provides any aircraft operator with complete, customized solutions for their daily operations. Flygprestanda performs software engineering and is a service provider in the various different stages of flight preparation such as flight planning, flight scheduling, weight & balance, airport analysis and route performance manuals.

While delivering safe and accurate performance that improves your operational efficiency and reduces your costs, Flygprestanda acts according to a certified quality system (ISO 9001) as well as regulations of various aviation authorities and governing rules like EU-OPS and FAR.

Our services include:

  • Airport analysis
  • Weight and balance
  • Driftdown
  • Flight planning
  • Flight scheduling
  • Airport briefing

Flight operations control system (FOCS)

FOCS is a combined flight scheduling, flight planning and fleet management application built for today's operational demands that offers integration possibilities with other software. Integration with Guru and Apps allows for sharing of scheduled flights and data with crew members. FOCS flight planning utilizes route optimization for cost efficiency, provides you with significant weather and wind data, and optimizes fuel consumption. A web interface gives your crew easy access to additional route configuration and tripkit download.

Guru - Paperless cockpit philosophy

This portable software provides you with instant weight and balance calculations, loadsheet generation perfect for ad-hoc flights, takeoff and landing performance, and engine-failure takeoff procedures. Guru includes the entire Flygprestanda worldwide airport database and can operate with no external data collection. Guru performs runway analysis based on ICAO and aircraft type, with factors such as obstacle clearance, winds and outside air temperature taken into account.

Airport Analysis

Flygprestanda provides tabulated takeoff and landing data on paper and PDF. Using Flygprestanda's worldwide airport database, containing over 6000 airports, the Airport Analysis improves fuel burn figures, maximizes takeoff and landing masses and ensures obstacle clearance. Optional parameters can be taken into account, such as all aircraft settings including MEL items, minimum EFFRA, optimized or fixed V-speed ratios and special engine failure procedures.

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