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Cincom Systems Australia

Cincom Systems Australia offers intelligent IT systems for companies looking to expand their business, increase efficiency, and deliver as promised.

Cincom's configure-price-quote (CPQ) solutions are designed to incorporate complex rules and requirements so that each custom product is priced and configured with complete accuracy and can be manufactured or assembled first time.

IT software solutions for ETO and CTO aerospace products and services

Aerospace companies, suppliers, and contractors exhibit unique characteristics and experience specific business challenges. Cincom specialises in turning these challenges into competitive strengths. Business challenges can include:

  • Engineered to order (ETO)
  • Advanced projects
  • Customised products and services
  • Direct and channel sales
  • High industry regulation
  • Strict compliance requirements
  • Mixed-mode manufacturing

Cincom has business IT solutions to meet the needs of companies producing highly engineered products and services based on customer-specific proposals, contracts, and projects.

Modular business suite management and ERP solutions

Throughout the aerospace and defence industry, businesses feel the pressure to increase revenue, improve earnings per share, and boost profit margins.

The way to succeed includes a combination of organic growth in new markets, strategic acquisitions, innovative products, and customer satisfaction, all while carefully managing costs and return on assets. This is operational excellence.

Cincom provides industry-focused software, including the Cincom Manufacturing Business Suite (CMBS), Cincom's advanced ERP solution. It is a modular family of advanced Microsoft Dynamics AX capabilities developed specifically for the needs of complex and advanced manufacturers, which manufacture and service highly engineered products based on customer-specific proposals, contracts or projects.

Lifecycle monitoring for highly engineered and customised aerospace products

Companies that manufacture complex, highly engineered products, such as aircrafts, jet engines, and industrial equipment face unique challenges in how they manage the lifecycle of those products.

Cincom realise that customer satisfaction is paramount, and helps to ensure that customer expectations are met and that consistent product and process definition sustains product quality for the long term.

Highly engineered product companies, such as GKN Aerospace and Thales Australia, use Cincom to manage their complex, products, processes and compliance requirements.

Revision-based product data and engineering change control solutions

Cincom's revision-based planning and control capabilities extend all core Microsoft Dynamics AX manufacturing and supply chain applications to optionally include revision as a key element of all product information, and provide associated controls and visibility by revision.

  • Revision dimensions for items, BOMs, routes, and documents enable revision-specific inventory and supply orders and link to life-cycle phases with usage blocking to provide close control and visibility of specific revision usage in production
  • Revision-based planning with MRP by revision, use-up effectivity, and forecast by revision streamline material planning
  • Product cost by revision with actual collection, provides and accurate expenditure history for each product revision

Complex billing, revenue, delivery, and funding contract management for the aerospace industry

Managing the complexity of the many contract types and structures represents unique challenges for aerospace and defence businesses, including complex billing, long-term revenue methods, tracking of funding, and defining delivery schedules.

Cincom's contract management capabilities integrate with business execution modules as well as core financial management and human capital management applications to link all activities to customer contracts for planning, management visibility, and government reporting. Contract management capabilities include:

  • Support for multiple contract types, including fixed price (with award and incentive fees), time and material (with cost category ceilings), cost reimbursable (cost-plus), and delivery order contracts provides flexible support for current and future business opportunities
  • Full contract structure with lines and sub-lines for specifications, requirements, and delivery dates across multiple sites and legal entities provides the basis for contract management and specification flowdown to projects and supply orders
  • Revision control with change orders, approval workflow, and full history ensures contracts reflect changing customer requirements
  • Contract finance with funding, billing, and revenue recognition methods by contract line or contract line group enable clear visibility and close control of profitability
  • Government compliance enabled by linkage of contract lines and groups to the project work breakdown structure (WBS) for contract flow-down and cost roll-up supports advanced funding and billing methods, as well as cost performance management

Advanced sales proposal management and configure price quotes

To remain competitive, businesses must quickly and accurately generate proposals, being careful to monitor profitability and schedule attainment.

This imperative stage of the value chain demands a two-way interaction between proposal processes and downstream processes.

It is important to have the ability to properly define work breakdown structures, cost and burden rates, project and component cost histories, as well as other parameters, which contribute to proposal accuracy, regulatory compliance, and speed of turnaround.

Cincom offers quote-to-order solutions, which support product configuration and guided selling, as well as engineer-to-order with estimating support.

In addition, the company provides project / standard costing to easily determine final projected item costs, through the use of modular BOMs and routings, cost histories, and purchased quotes, as well as other sources.

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